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Knowing Your Worth Financial Literacy Workshop

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are doing well. We have a new workshop coming up for our teen girls.

              "Knowing Your Worth's mission is to uplift young girls, to teach them to always maintain self-esteem, self-confidence and to always know their worth. This is taught through workshops and mentorship, to brand future confident women. ​"

Knowing Your Worth will be hosting our first workshop on financial literacy for teen girls. The workshop is virtual and free, but you will have to register to attend the workshop. We will have a great financial educator, the amazing De’Iona Monay. She will be teaching the girls the importance of saving, budgeting and credit. De'Iona Monay is Owner of Xtreme Financial Academy and Founder of XFA Foundation. She is dedicated to bridging the gap within the educational system by using the academy as a platform to spread financial literacy amongst teenagers as well as adults. Deiona successfully rehabilitated her own credit scores and dug herself out of debt which lead her to opening the academy where she coaches many on budgeting, debt management, credit restoration as well as how to build business credit for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We will have awesome giveaways at the event, so register today.

GIVEAWAYS include t-shirts, books, jewelry, facial products Plus More!


You can register directly on the website or Eventbrite website

I know many people been asking about the restocking of the KYW Teen Journal. We are hoping to have the journals restock in October or November, and you will received an email once the journal is available.

I hope to see many teen girls at the financial workshop. It is never to early to teach our girls the importance of saving, budgeting and credit. If you have any questions please let me know. Don't forget to following us on Instagram @knowingyourworthinc and Facebook Knowingyourworthinc.

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